Services JUX

We offer the following services responding to the needs of our clients in each of our divisions:

Lifting Tools

Engineering of elevation, study, design and manufacture of elevation utilities for industrial, wind, aeronautical, foundries, mining, shipbuilding, construction.
Highlight the great experience in the technology of lifting and handling of loads.
We work with a primordial safety, for that reason, all the equipment that is designed, are calculated with a factor of safety 5. Our designs are realized avoiding welding bearings, giving greater security and reliability to our lifting equipment. > Another of our services that we perform are the inspections of means of elevation, certifications and homologations of lifting equipment.

Jux Hydraulic

Design, manufacture and repair pumps and cylinders up to 1,000TN of force, as well as solutions according to the needs of the customer where the use of special cylinders is necessary.
We have a technical office with a human team trained to follow up and advise the entire project to make any changes in the design required. We also have an area of repair of hydraulic tools of our cylinders and pumps as of any brand.
All of our hydraulic cylinders are subject to quality controls during their production process. All steel bars are homologated and have traceability of material from the steel mill to our factory. Before leaving the factory, all cylinders are tested at pressures of 1,050 bar.