JOur company is formed by a group of professionals with great experience of more than 20 years in offering special manufacturing solutions to our clients. We are manufacturers guaranteeing a quality and an after-sales service of our unbeatable products both nationally and internationally.

UWe have 2 divisions of manufacture and distribution:

- Jux Hydraulic: Design, manufacture and repair pumps and cylinders up to 1,000TN of force, as well as solutions according to the needs of the customer where the use of special cylinders is necessary.

- Lifting Tools: Elevation engineering, study, design and manufacture of lifting tools for industrial, wind, aeronautical, foundry, mining, shipbuilding, construction.

XFor all this our activity is dedicated to the engineering, manufacture of machines and special equipment for the industry, offering a personalized service, according to the needs of the client. We have engineering and manufacturing workshop, fulfilling the total quality and guarantee of our products and this allows us to offer an after-sales service and maintenance of our equipment unbeatable and with an agile, fast and effective answer. .

Because of all this we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers with turnkey solutions, regardless of the size of the project and the sector in question and the country in which it is.